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Fred Berthelot is a design maverick and a mental sleuth, as comfortable designing complex buildings as he is designing interactive experiences that blow people's minds.


Born in France, Fred immigrated to the US at the age of 8, knowing only fifteen words in the English language, and attended a French school in Manhattan -- the Lycée Français de New York -- so please forgive him for his idiosyncratic frenchisms! His interest in science and artistic talent led him to pursue an education in architecture at the Savannah College of Art and Design, graduating Summa Cum Laude with an Excellence in Architecture Award for his work. 


Fred pursued his lifelong dream and practiced architecture for over two decades at a prestigious firm in Manhattan. Clients included CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, large corporations, major universities, A-list celebrities, and even the President of The United States and the First Lady. Fred’s projects ranged from planning an entire campus, designing large corporate headquarters and complex scientific research buildings, down to crafting human-scale edifices like gates and fountains. His architecture career took him coast-to-coast, from California to Nova Scotia, as well as his native land where he got to design a skyscraper dubbed “Carpe Diem” right outside of Paris.


Carpe Diem -- “Seize the Day.” That is exactly what Fred did after an exciting and rewarding 22 years in the industry. Fred gave up his successful career in architecture to pursue his third life-long dream: reading minds professionally! Though the buildings he designed had an impact on everyone who walked through them, worked, slept, or lived in them, he wanted to have a direct impact on individuals using an odd talent that he had honed since he was a little French boy. 


He now designs unique interactive experiences that blow people's minds. His love for everything magical, his fascination with the psychological, and his penchant for the mystical have led him to corporate event stages to entertain with the power of a three-pound organ -- the human brain! While Fred no longer designs buildings, he uses his architectural and artistic skills to draw thoughts -- out of his audience’s minds. He lays a foundation for an interactive experience during which the minds of each individual in attendance form the blueprint for a collaborative experience. Fred is the Architect, the audience is the client, and together they design and build a unique show with a signature style -- like a cross between Frank Ghery and The Amazing Kreskin! How’s THAT for an architectural metaphor! 


If you’re wondering “I wonder what Fred’s second lifelong dream was, and did he achieve it?” -- then you’re a very astute reader! The answer is yes, he did. Fred met his wife while attending a Sting concert  -- the first of many they would attend together. Their fateful meeting was immortalized on TV on NBC’s Today Show. Months later, Fred and his yet-to-be wife were invited on stage by Sting himself to help him sing a song about getting hitched in Vegas, thus fulfilling Fred’s second lifelong dream (singing with Sting, not getting married in Vegas!) The two now live together with their two biological daughters and a rescued one (a Beagle), on the other side of the Hudson River, as close as you can get to New York City without actually living there!

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