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TEN Reasons to Hire a Mentalist for Your Next Corporate Event

You can make your next corporate event more memorable and increase your entertainment value by hiring a Mentalist for your next corporate event. Here are ten reasons to consider a Mentalist:

1. Rarity

There is one mentalist on earth for every ten million humans! Chances are, your audience has never seen a mentalist in real life.

2. Audience Engagement

A mentalist ensures that every attendee is engaged, captivated, participates, and interacts. Your audience doesn't just sit at their seat and listen to the singer, or laugh at the comedian. They participate, either from their seat or on stage -- where they become stars in their colleagues' eyes.

3. A Customized Performance

A mentalist can incorporate the company’s slogan, or include the company's logo or products. A good mentalist can highlight your brand, individuals in the audience who merit recognition, and maybe even take playful jabs at the competition!

4. You Get Great Media of Your Event

Because your guests are so engaged and enthralled, and the mentalist goes out into the audience or bings guests up on stage, you will get great photos and videos of the event.

5. Versatility

You can hire a mentalist for any size event - from a dozen to thousands. Mentalists are great at engaging audiences of all types and sizes with their performances. Furthermore, mentalists don’t require massive props or a huge stage.

6. Inclusivity

A good mentalist won't offend or exclude any audience as other acts can. The comedy is corporate-clean, and the performance appeals to all tastes. You may hate magicians, ventriloquists, or certain music styles, but there's not a single person who's not fascinated by mind reading and mental manipulation.

7. Sophisticated Performance

Mentalist lives on the edge of two worlds - the artistic and the corporate. No flashy outfits, Vegas dancers, fire, or huge props. A sharp suit and a sharp mind - that's the mentalist's attire.

8. Intellectual Entertainment

Mentalists offer unique, intellectual performance. Mentalists rely on knowledge of psychology, astute observation, suggestion, and audience behavior to read thoughts and influence minds.

9. Unique Entertainment

You've probably hosted or been to corporate events that featured comedians, singers, karaoke, game night, casino night... Your audience has been there, done that. A unique mentalist will make sure that your audiences experience something they have never seen or heard of before.

10. Buzz

Your guests will be buzzing about the event, not just at the watercooler the next day, but for weeks, months, and years to come. Excitement will carry over to other departments within your company, or other branches in other states, or even to your international offices. When people are excited and talk, word travels far.

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