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- Steven Lang ​
Owner & CEO, Dancker
"Fred did an AMAZING show for us at Johnson & Johnson."
- Jocelin Schultz ​
Senior Marketing Manager
Johnson & Johnson
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Whether your event takes place on a professional stage to an audience of thousands, or in your office's boardroom; whether you need a 15-minute corporate entertainment appearance or a full one-hour mentalism show, Fred's performance is flexible in space and time to fit your needs.

Fred has a perfect solution for every type of corporate event:

  • Awards Dinner

  • Team Dinner

  • Employee Recognition

  • Employee Engagement

  • Happy Hour

  • Office / Holiday Party

  • Product Launches

  • Seminars

  • Conferences

  • Meetings

  • Workshops

  • Galas

  • Fundraisers

  • Hospitality Suites

  • Corporate Retreat

  • Trade Shows

  • Professional Development

Choose from the following options, then connect with Fred to discuss your specific needs for your event:

Finding the right entertainment solution for your next corporate event, award show, banquet, seminar or party, can be a daunting task. Corporate Mentalist Fred Berthelot * offers an stress-free, high-end solution for your next event that feels like real magic for sophisticated audiences. 


Fred is a corporate mentalist and an artist (or a “mental artist”); an architect of the mind who draws thoughts - out of people’s heads. Fred designs interactive experiences and builds a connection with the audience through the power and mystery of the human mind. 


His unique form of interactive psychological entertainment is the perfect solution for team-building, tension-breaking, audience reward and celebratory events. Fred, like a psychological magician, gets the audience to let go of fear, resistance, shyness, and self-awareness, in order to achieve the impossible as a team. This immersive experience connects people together and empowers the audience by making THEM the stars of the show. Each performance is therefore unique, and is a testament to the power of collaborative thinking and the untapped potential of the human mind.

Entertainment for Coporate and Private Parties. Mentalist, Magician, Keynote Speaker
"Fred did an amazing show for us at Johnson & Johnson. I don't know how he knew what he knew, but he knew TOO MUCH!"

- Jocelin Schultz

Senior Marketing Manager

Johnson & Johnson

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Fred’s corporate stage show “Architect of The Mind" is an immersive experience of mind reading, thought control, mind over matter, and stunning demonstrations of unexplained phenomena. It is the perfect alternative to a magic show for corporate events, office parties, receptions, team dinners, trade shows, award shows, and high-end private parties. Based in New Jersey near New York City, Fred is available for events across the U.S. and worldwide.


For a more intimate experience, hire Fred as a private V.I.P. Entertainer to entertain your guests with one-on-one miracles. Whether at a cocktail hour or a private party, Fred is sure to keep your guests entertained, laughing and connecting - with each other, themselves, and the event, which they will always remember. 


Use the CONTACT form to GET more information and see what event and meeting planners, project managers, and HR directors love working with Fred to make their corporate event a mind-blowing success.




Fred Berthelot Client: Johnson & Johnson
"Fred did an AMAZING show for us at Johnson & Johnson. I don't know how he knew what he knew, but he knew too much!"
Fred Berthelot Client: Unilever
"Fred is terrific with the crowd. Great entertainment that will blow your mind...
Kind of freaky!"
Fred Berthelot Client: Springpoint
"Attendees were amazed and captivated by his performance. Definitely a unique and entertaining performance that I would highly recommend!"
Corporate Mentalist Fred Berthelot Entertains at an Office Party


Fred Berthelot is a design maverick and a mental sleuth, as comfortable designing complex buildings as he is designing interactive experiences that blow people's minds.


Born in France, Fred immigrated to the US at the age of 8, knowing only fifteen words in the English language, and attended a French school in Manhattan -- the Lycée Français de New York -- so please forgive him for his idiosyncratic frenchisms! His interest in science and artistic talent led him to pursue an education in architecture at the Savannah College of Art and Design, graduating Summa Cum Laude with an Excellence in Architecture Award for his work. 


Fred pursued his lifelong dream and practiced architecture for over two decades at a prestigious firm in Manhattan. Clients included CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, large corporations, major universities, A-list celebrities, and even the President of The United States and the First Lady...

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